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        My current work explores colourful subjects within a circle, surrounded by greyscale content. The effect I am trying to achieve is similar to a technique used in film transitions called ‘Iris Slow’. This is when a circle moves closer to or further away from an important focal point - often done in old cartoons. I use this in my work because I like how it emphasizes a unique part of the image. Locating the circle carefully is important so that it encompasses the content in an interesting and mysterious way. 


         I am always inspired by my surroundings. Specifically, I enjoy exploring my hometown of Hamilton to collect references from city streets to nature. Symbolic buildings, abandoned buildings, colourful graffiti, people of Hamilton and more, are making their way into my emotionally charged circles. Overall, I am striving to create a collection of work that focuses on aspects of my surroundings that have not yet been genuinely felt or seen until it reaches the canvas.










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