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CARLIE PEARCE was born on October 11th, 1989 in Hamilton, Ontario. Her parents always encouraged her to express herself artistically. However, when she was young, she escaped from her crib to bingo-dab her family's walls, floors, and couches, and they briefly regretted their enthusiastic support. Not much has changed with Carlie though. She still feels inclined to escape the mundane, break boundaries, and leave marks on things.  Although, you may be glad to know she has upgraded to sleeping in an adult bed and she has learned to enjoy painting canvas instead of furniture (although painting furniture is probably what gets people into the world renowned art museums... hah - oh well). 


In addition, Pearce claims to be an optimistic-pessimist obsessed with making art; a spiritual and habitual human being creating from the depths of her super gay heart and soul. But personally, I think she is just trying to make her bio section sound more artsy and cool.


Seriously though, Pearce has had her highs and lows in life like everyone has. In times of extreme anxiety and bouts of depression she has used art as a medicine. While in periods of extreme happiness and serenity she has turned to art to channel her gratitude.  



For Pearce, art is medicinal and art is freedom. 







Pearce also finds talking about herself in third person to be pretty awkward.























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