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Portraiture Punishment

This is my sister. I found a recent photo of her I took, from our last family vacation. I like the way the skintone in certain areas is a blue-green from the reflection of the water beneath her (which you can see yet here). Anyway, I'm using it to work on painting flesh mostly and if it turns out, it turns out.

HOWEVER - I got in shit after I posted this. My sister stomped into my room and pointed at the painting "LOOK AT MY ROLLS, NOW THIS IS ALL OVER THE INTERNET" (somewhat jokingly, but mostly serious).. which is kind of funny, because now that quote is on the internet too haha, poor chick. Anyway, #1 I'm not done yet, #2, WHO CARES IF THERE ARE ROLLS. I could go on and on about society and the unrealistic images of women in particular that get ingrained into these young women's minds.

Literally, could go on forever. The point is - where a helmet when the person you are painting is near.

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